Telangana: can BJP, MIM flip kingmakers?

Telangana: the bulk of the exit polls square measure creating similar predictions on the amount of seats AIMIM and BJP square measure doubtless to win. Out of the 119 Assembly seats in Telangana, there’s nearly a accord that the MIM can get seven seats, BJP 5 and also the Independents doubtless to win six to seven seats.

To form the govt in Telangana, out of 119 assembly seats one has to get a minimum of sixty seats, within the case of TRS obtaining fifty or less seats, it’ll still be in Associate in Nursing advantageous position because the MIM, the BJP and a few Independents MLA’s square measure doubtless to increase their support and facilitate them retain power in Telangana.

In case TRS and Congress fail to induce sixty seats, each MIM and BJP square measure expected to emerge as King manufacturers as these parties square measure foretold to win a lot of seats this point. in keeping with some exit polls.

MIM might retain its seven seats and what is more, it’d even add a new to its tally if fortunes favour. On the opposite hand, BJP is about to extend its influence in Telangana as analysts opine that BJP may get over 5 seats this point.(FA9NEWS)

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