Telangana Elections: Congress candidate out of action when BJP activists pelt stones

Challa Vamshichand Reddy WHO is contesting from Kalwakurthy Assembly body from the Congress party was allegedly attacked by unidentified persons in Jangareddypalli village in Mahbubnagar district on Fri.

According to the report printed in National Herald Asian country, he was hurried to a close-by hospital for treatment. Congress leaders alleged that BJP employees attacked Vamshi. Police brought true in restraint.

On info that Congress and BJP employees were incompatible, Vamshichand reached the spot following that the incident occurred close to a stall. He was attacked by unidentified persons. Police square measure however to substantiate to that organization the attackers belonged to.

Uttam Kumar Reddy, the Telangana Congress president condemned the attack and aforementioned his party and its allies were being attacked allegedly by TRS and BJP candidates out of worry of losing elections.

He known as the attack as tyrannical, he aforementioned their party candidate from Tandur body Rohin Reddy was attacked on Thursday late night and Congress former MP and AICC secretary Madhu Yashki Goud, too, was attacked and his automobile broken.

He expressed that “The trends reaching United States clearly indicate that Congress-led Praja Front goes to win. Congress and alliance parties candidates mustn’t lose heart and place up a brave face to make sure free and honest polling is completed. Praja Front is definitely progressing to type the govt..”(FA9NEWS)

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