Wedding cancelled: Bride leaves groom stranded in ceremony

Bhubaneswar: associate anti-liquor activist bride off her wedding departure her groom stranded on the Mandap once she smelled alcohol on him.

The incident materialized in Jajpur District’s Baniamala village wherever the bride WHO is additionally a member of self facilitate cluster (SGH) and an energetic member to place down shutters to the liquor look canceled her wedding.

She stood departure her groom stranded on mandap once she perceived the groom came to the marriage in associate pissed state.

She merely got up and walked out of the mandap says Sanghamitra the bride.
She additionally expressed that she has pack up varied liquor outlets in her village for the past 2 years.

Marrying a drinker created her lose temper. She known the groom is unfit for wedding.

Despite Sanghamitra oldsters tried to win over her to vary her call the bride stayed resolute.

The brave bride isn’t upset concerning criticism rather off her wedding because the groom was unfit.

A meeting between the families was control within which the groom’s father was asked to come Rs seventy one,000, a gold chain and a gold ring.(FA9NEWS)

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