Wok Express brings tasty, affordable and all new offering Value Woks

Mumbai [India], July nineteen (FA9NEWS): pan categorical, one among India’s leading Pan Asian QSR brands, has introduced AN all new class to its ever-evolving menu – ‘Value Woks’. Priced at Rs. fifty five forrader for the eater variant and Rs. eighty five forrader for the chicken variant, price Woks promise to measure up to their name – price for cash, tasty and wholesome bowls of saucy rice and noodles, hard-boiled to perfection!
Patrons will currently choose between four new set pan combos – the all new sauce, Desi hot pepper with Ramen Noodles & Onion / shrub, the gang favorite, dish with Steamed Rice & Carrots and also the classic, Schezwan with Steamed Rice & French Beans. With the serving size same because the personal pan, patrons will currently relish their tasty woks at a reasonable price!
“We selected to launch AN all new class – price Woks, keeping in mind our customers’ discerning roof of the mouth. By introducing a cost-effective product, we’re trying to succeed in bent on a wider audience, while not compromising on either style or portion sizes. the worth woks, though priced at Rs. 55/85 forrader, square measure portioned even as Personal Woks. This class can currently enable North American country to succeed in our larger, untapped client base, leave new customers to come back into the fold whereas additionally encourage repeat orders,” same Director – Lenexis Foodworks (Wok Express’ parent company), Aayush Agrawal.
“Additionally, we’re additionally assured this class can enable our customers to style new dishes, new combos – all the whereas retentive the promise important for cash and engaging food,” adscititious Agrawal.
Wok categorical recently celebrated its third day of remembrance amidst a lot of fanfare – considering it hit a colossal milestone of getting sold one Million pans in 3 years and counting! additionally, with the recently launched all new edifice in Pune recently, pan categorical is currently twenty six restaurants robust – twenty five restaurants line to the city, New Mumbai, Vasai-Virar and Thane spaces and one within the symptom Saudagar area of Pune.
Incidentally, the whole additionally plans to launch 2 additional restaurants in Pune this quarter, any strengthening its presence within the geographical area market. This, the whole believes, is additionally a coaching ground for its plans to launch in urban center, Hyderabad and city within the close to future. Its aim has perpetually been to be gift across all metros and with success open regarding one hundred additional restaurants within the next three years. (FA9NEWS)

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