Kashmiri youth forced to wear women’s covering, thrashed

Alwar: A Kashmiri youth, student of third year aeronautic Engineering was forced to wear women’s covering. This incident befell in Alwar District, Rajasthan.

Miscreants forced Faiz to wear women’s covering
According to the report printed within the Quint, the victim is known as Mir Faiz (25). His brother, king familiar that Faiz was reaching to Neemrana Market to induce some articles, however, on his way, 3 youths forced him to induce onto a motorcycle. They took Faiz to isolated place and compelled him to wear women’s covering, king same.
Later, they tied Faiz to a pillar and cuffed him ceaselessly, king additional.
When police did not perceive the rationale behind his women’s covering, the case was shifted to intelligence agencies.

Faiz was detained for a number of hours
After detaining for a number of hours, Faiz was allowed to travel at the side of his brother WHO resides in Gurgaon.

Based on the criticism received, police registered a case beneath relevant sections of IPC.

Police started sorting out the 3 suspect persons.

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