Hyderabad: Peace improved when delicate tension over Ganesh Mandap

Hyderabad: a gaggle of native residents raised associate degree objection over the erection of Ganesh Mandap at Tappachabutra. Police took immediate action and commissioned the fast Action Force and fast Reaction Team.

Iron shed triggers unrest
It is rumored that 2 youths by name; Moinuddin and Taufeeq created a criticism within the police office that earlier, temporary tatti shed accustomed be erected however now, the iron shed has been put in that created delicate tension within the space.
olice commissioned the representative of the temple committee and asked the explanation for this modification. The Committee members gave a written assurance that the iron shed ready for Ganesh pageant will be used for Dasera and alternative festivals. when these festivals, the shed are going to be demolished.

Wakf Board officers visit the spot
In order to review the case, Wakf Board officers conjointly reached the spot since it’s rumored that the place wherever the shed was erected is that the board’s property.

After written assurance of the members of the temple committee, the case became traditional. However, as a preventative live, police picket has been denote at the spot

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