India third worst-hit nation in coronavirus cases after US, Brazil

With a record single-day surge of 27,094 coronavirus infections and 676 fatalities, India’s Covid-19 count zoomed past 6.97,358 lakhs, while the price rose to 19,963 on Sunday.

Recording over 20,000 infections for the third consecutive day, India overtook Russia, which has thus far registered 681,251 Covid-19 cases. India is reportedly the third worst-hit nation in terms of pandemic infections after the us and Brazil, and is that the eighth worst-hit in terms of deaths. India now overtakes Russia which was at No.3.

According to Worldometer, which compiles the Covid-19 data from round the globe, only the US and Brazil are now before India in terms of total coronavirus infections. Brazil has 15,78,376 infections and therefore the US 29,54,999 cases
In a bid to chop the chain of transmission and to minimise the potential of its spread, Kerala became the primary state to amend its Epidemic Diseases Ordinance by extending Covid-19 control regulations for subsequent year.

With cases gradually increasing in Kerala, the government issued new guidelines which can be effective till July 2021, or till further orders. this suggests people must wear masks, keep social distancing and avoid large gatherings for a year, alternatively will face penalties under the law.

In a significant development on the Covid-19 vaccine, the ministry of science and technology on Sunday edited a handout issued earlier by the Press Information Bureau that “a vaccine is unlikely to be ready for mass use before 2021”. the discharge had earlier said that along side two Indian vaccines — Covaxin and ZyCov-D — 11 of 140 vaccine candidates had entered human trials across the planet , but none of them was “likely to be ready for mass use before 2021”. This phrase was later removed.

India’s apex medical body ICMR had said Friday it aims to launch the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, the indigenous Covaxin, by Assumption , and told select medical institutions to fast-track its clinical trials. But experts said such a timeline might not be realistic.

As far because the spread of the coronavirus cares , Maharashtra crossed the grim milestone of two lakh Covid-19 cases by recording a single-day increase of seven ,074 infections.

While Tamil Nadu registered 4,280 fresh cases, Delhi, Telan-gana, Karnataka, Assam and Bihar added a complete of about 10,000 cases during a day.

These seven states have contributed to about 78 per cent of the singe-day spike.
Of the entire 19,331 deaths reported thus far , Maha-rashtra also accounted for the very best 8,671 fatalities.(Fa9news)

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