Merchant vessel SSL Calcutta catches fireplace, all twenty two members saved

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], day (ANI): The Indian Coast war vessel Rajkiran and Dornier craft on weekday saved all the twenty two crew members on board Indian flag containership, MV SSL Calcutta once it caught fireplace last night.
Coast Guard Dornier craft was launched from Calcutta whereas ICGS Rajkiran from Haldia reached space at regarding 08:30 AM to rescue the all-Indian crew.
The operation was underneathtaken by the Coast Guard units under atmospheric condition and rough ocean condition.
“No spill of fuel as of currently, however, if such went on coast guard can lookout of it. bourgeois Vessel SSL Calcutta was carrying 464 containers. we’ve got with success saved all the crew members and that they square measure safe,” aforesaid officer Kuldeep Singh Sheoran, Coast Guard Commander at Regional Headquarters (North East) in Calcutta.
The instrumentality carrier was on coastal voyage from Krishnapatnam to Calcutta with the crew and 464 containers.
By the time the rescue team reached MV SSL Calcutta, regarding seventy % of the vessel was aflame and master of the vessel had abandoned.
The fire skint out because of explosion in one in all the instrumentality and bit by bit it adjoin.

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